Each and every template design is carefully custom crafted by our graphic designers team.

For example for the last 5 years we never did exactly same design !!!

We always trying to create the most beautiful photo booth template for your unforgettable event.

Elephant Events Team. 


1 - Pick your favourite size 2” x 6” strips or 4” x 6”

2 - pick amount of the images you want inside of your template, usually 1, 2 or 3 images inside the template is the most popular ones.

Please see some samples:

1 picture photo booth template

1 image template

on 4” x 6” paper

two images photo booth template

2 images

on 4” x 6” paper

3 images on Photobooth

3 images

on 4” x 6” paper


small 2” x 6” strips